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The Brown Recluse Spider

Brown recluses are usually found in the southeast region of the United States. They are often feared due to their venomous nature. Recluses come in a variety of colors: light to medium brown, dark brown, blackish grey, and even a cream-like color. Brown recluses differ from most spiders because they only have six eyes instead…
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The State Tree of Florida

Did you know that Florida's state tree is the Sabal palmetto? It was named the official state tree by the Florida Legislature in 1953. Also known as the cabbage palm, it is one of fifteen species of palmetto palm. It can be found along the Gulf and south Atlantic coast, from southeastern Texas to the…
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Pest Prevention Tips

Pest infestations are annoying. Not only are they a nuisance, but pests can adversely affect your health and destroy your home. This may lead you to wonder, "How can I protect my home or business from pest infestation?" Below are some pest prevention tips to help protect your home or business from insect and rodent…
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