Affordable Pest Control in Jacksonville, FL with Bug-Man

ant pest control service Jacksonville FLEvery property deserves affordable pest control without sacrificing any of the science and quality that makes pest control effective. It's why our team at Bug-Man Pest Service provides the safest, most effective pest control for all seasonal and unexpected pests.

As a local pest control company that has its own entomologist (bug-scientist) on staff, we're able to provide more efficient services that are more effective, because they're based on the latest science and the longest lasting methods. If you're searching for a "cheap pest control service" in Jacksonville, Bug-Man Pest Service should be the first number you call, at 904-289-7171.

Local, Family Owned, and Professional

There are two ways that a pest control company in Jacksonville can make their services affordable:

  • They can cut costs on materials and supplies.
  • They can make their services more efficient and effective.

We take that second approach. By carefully crafting a specific plan for all types of pests, using formulas and exclusion techniques that are the best in the industry, we're able to guarantee our work and reduce extra visits while simultaneously offering better service to the customer.

Many other local companies use "older" insecticides (and other treatments) because they're more affordable, but end up finding that they need to come more often or come back to help address additional customer concerns, increasing their costs. As a family owned company, we also are able to reduce our overhead, and we pass those savings onto you.

What We Offer Jacksonville, Orange Park, Middleburg, and More

All of our services are competitively priced and have better outcomes for those that choose to use our services. Our affordable pest management service includes:

  • Seasonal Pest Services - Instead of monthly pest control, we're able to offer seasonal pest control that is completed quarterly. You pay only 4x a year and stay free of pests for all 12 months.
  • Bed Bug Control - Our bedbug services use the most effective and newest techniques to exterminate bed bugs and their eggs, ensuring that your family remains free of bites.
  • Commercial Pest Control - If you're a business or commercial property in need of a quote, we'll provide both a free quote and one that effectively competes with the other pest control companies available in Jacksonville.
  • Termite Control - Some termites, like drywood termites, require extensive treatments. Our costs are competitive with other big and small brands for all termite treatments, prevention, and annual inspections.
  • Mosquito Control, Rodent Control, and More - Everything from mosquitoes to squirrels to rats to wildlife, Bug-Man Pest Service always offers you the lowest quote we can, with free quotes available for you to do your due diligence.

We've been a local pest control company in Jacksonville for 50 years. Our team has experience addressing all common pest and wildlife concerns, and we adjust our treatments frequently based on what the scientific community is finding will be the most effective low cost pest management.

Get Started Today with Bug-Man Pest Service

Everyone property needs pest control. But it's often difficult to tell the difference between any two pest control companies. It's why cost is so often the factor that people look for most when searching for a "pest control company near me," because most homeowners cannot tell the difference between any two pest control companies other than price.

We wanted to go a step further - offering affordable pest care without that sacrifice you need to make from the "cheaper" companies. With our high quality solutions and expert quality service, Bug-Man Pest Service is the best choice for your Jacksonville home or office. Call us today to get your quote, or to learn more about our methodologies.