Mud Dauber Control Jacksonville, FL

mud dauber

Jacksonville has many wasp species. Mud daubers are the species that tend to cause homeowners the most problems. These pests build their mud cells in areas such as the side of homes or attic. They are not aggressive like other forms of wasps, but they are a pest, which means that they benefit from Jacksonville pest control.

If you need a Jacksonville mud dauber exterminator and pest control company, Bug-Man Pest Service is able to help. We are the top choice for individuals hoping to get rid of mud daubers, and other wasps, and can provide you affordable seasonal pest control as well if needed. Call us at 904-289-7171 or fill out our appointment form to get started.

What Are Mud Daubers?

Mud Daubers are a type of wasp. They are on the longer side, with lengths anywhere from 1/2 an inch to as long as 1.25 inches. They are usually black, blue, metallic colored, or a mix of these colors, and like all wasps their abdomens are separated from their thorax with a slender waist that makes them easier to tell apart from other insects, like bees.

Mud daubers are a common Jacksonville pest. But unlike other forms of wasps, they are typically not aggressive and rarely sting. They are solitary wasps, which means they are less protective of their nests and save their venom for feeding rather than for aggression. However, if they do sting, they can sting multiple times like all wasps and their stings are painful.

In an ideal world, humans and mud daubers would be able to live together with ease, because mud daubers are pest predators. They may even feed on black widow spiders, providing you some relief from a far more dangerous biting pest. But we don't live in an ideal world, which makes it important to engage in mud dauber nest removal - especially if they're finding their way into your house.

How Does Mud Dauber Extermination Work?

The problem with mud daubers isn't the wasps themselves - though they can cause a bit of anxiousness. The biggest problem is that mud dauber nests are havens for other forms of pests. Mud dauber nests can be taken over by other types of more aggressive wasps, as well as moths, flies, and many other species. That's why mud daubers - and mud dauber nests - need to be removed.

Who Offers Mud Dauber Extermination and Nest Removal?

Even though mud daubers are not particularly dangerous, professional nest removal by a Jacksonville pest control company is still important. Mud daubers may **rarely** sting, but they still sting, and removing their nest is only effective if you also use other pest control methods to keep the nests from coming back.

Bug-Man Pest Service of Jacksonville provides comprehensive pest control that can assist you with all issues related to mud dauber invasions:

  • We can exterminate any mud daubers (and, as part of our pest control service, exterminate black widow spiders and the pests they eat so that you don't need to worry about them on your property).
  • We can remove their nests and clean up, so that they cannot attract other wasps or more harmful pests.
  • We can provide exclusion. This is a process of sealing up your property thoroughly so that no mud daubers (or any other pests) can get in in the future. Professional exclusion is one of the ways that we offer something more than many other pest control companies.

In addition, our treatments are all designed by a trained entomologist, so that you can trust that every approach we use is science based, effective, and doesn't rely on simply spraying harmful chemicals. Everything we do is safe for people and pets, and highly effective.

Who Offers Jacksonville Mud Dauber Extermination?

Bug-Man Pest Service is a local and family owned pest control company, and has been a part of the Jacksonville, Middleburg, and Orange Park community for over 50 years. Our customers trust us for all of their pest control and extermination needs. If you'd like to learn more about our mud dauber nest treatments, or any of our wasp removal services, please contact us today.