beehiveMost of the time, we can live at peace with the bees that are in our yards. Other times, bees can become a problem for homeowners. When that is the case, then action must be taken. What you need is a company that handles bee removal Jacksonville FL service in your area.

What is the Problem With a Beehive in My Yard?

A few bees here and there are not usually a problem for people. In general, bees (except Africanized) are not aggressive toward humans. Of course, if they are provoked they will attack. However, if you do not mess with them, they normally do not mess with you.

Things change considerably when there is a presence of a beehive in your yard or somewhere close to your home. Bees tend to live at peace with humans, but a hive is problematic for these reasons:

  • Bees end to overflow the hive, increasing the number of bees in your yard. The more that are flying around, the more likely you will get in their way or they will get in yours.
  • Bees can attract other insects, pests, and rodents that feast on these bugs. You are
    inviting an infestation into your home by allowing a beehive to stay on your property.

Should you have a hive in the yard, steer clear of it and call a Jacksonville bee exterminator. You do not want to put your family at risk.

There is a Bee Nest in My Yard, How Do I Get Rid of It?

If you should happen to have a bee infestation on your property, the only way to be certain that the problem will be solved correctly is to hire a company to do beehive removal in Jacksonville.

Because the environment relies on the spreading of pollen, honey bees are an important part of our eco system. Sometimes it is possible to safely remove the hive without harming the bees.

It is not a good idea for you to handle the removal on your own. Without having the knowledge of the species you are dealing with, you could put your family at risk of being attacked by the bees. This is particularly problematic for those that have allergic reactions to stings.

One particular species that is aggressive are Africanized bees. They will attack people and animals without being provoked. As they attack, they can send out signals called alarm pheromones to other colony members which will rapidly come out and join in the attack.

It is always best to use a professional when it comes to pest control in Jacksonville FL.

Who Has Bee Removal in Jacksonville Florida?

When you think Bug-Man, bees might not automatically come to your mind. However, we are your go to Jacksonville bee exterminator in the area. With our long standing service to the community, we have built a business in which you can trust.

Our professional staff will provide a method of pest control that has proven to be effective based on both laboratory and field studies. We are the 904-289-7171 experts when it comes to beehive removal in Jacksonville.