Drywood Termite Treatment in Jacksonville, FL with Bug-Man

Termites Feeding on Wood

Florida is home to some of the most destructive termites in the United States. In Jacksonville, we have Formosan termites, Eastern Subterranean termites, and many other termite species. There are even "super termites" in south Florida that are starting to make their way up north.

But one of the worst termite species to have on your property is the drywood termite. They're not the most destructive. They're not the largest colonies. But drywood termites in Jacksonville are responsible for a vast amount of damage, due in large part with how difficult they are to find and how long they're able to feed without detection. For drywood termite inspections and treatments, call Bug-Man Pest Service at 904-289-7171, the best termite control service in Northern Florida.

What Are Drywood Termites?

Many of the most destructive termite species are subterranean termites. They live underground in large colonies, similar to ants, and then travel to your property to feed. Because they are underground termites, they require mud tunnels that they create to avoid the sun and predators.

These mud-tubes make those termites easier to see. Many homeowners contact our team here at Bug-Man Pest Service because they've noticed these tunnels on their property. But drywood termites live in wood. They do not require tunnels, and they do not need to live on the property. Drywood termites tend to live inside of the wood of your home, and can invade and begin feeding without you noticing.

That is what makes drywood termites such a serious problem. Though they do not feed as quickly as other termite species, they can start a colony anywhere around your property and feed without detection. Professional drywood termite inspections - as part of an annual termite inspection service - tends to be the only way to notice these termites early.

Other Differences Between Drywood Termites and Other Species

Drywood termites also eat across the grain of the wood in and around your home, which leads to massive amounts of expensive damage that will have to be immediately repaired. Other termite species feed only on soft wood, which leaves more recognizable and noticeable patterns.

About Our Drywood Termite Treatment in the Jacksonville Area

Serving Jacksonville, Orange Park, Fleming Island, Middleburg, and the rest of the region, Bug-Man Pest Service has been the best choice for drywood termite extermination in the area. We use the latest in advanced technology and careful, industry-leading support to ensure that your termite problems are correctly and thoroughly addressed.

Our termite control services include:

  • Annual Termite Inspections - Because drywood termites can be so difficult to spot without experienced, annual termite inspections are important. We will look for all forms of termites on your property, including drywood termites, to prevent extensive and expensive damage.
  • Thorough Termite Treatments - We have the tools for any termite species on your property, including drywood termites. Before we treat for termites, we'll explain the process and guarantee the results.
  • Commercial Termite Control - For businesses and commercial properties throughout Jacksonville, we have the ability to treat even largest scale termite infestations of your building, all backed by our service guarantee.

There are different approaches to treating drywood termites depending on the extent of the invasion. Localized spot wood treatments are cost effective for smaller scale invasions. Larger scale treatments may require heat treatment, fumigation, or any of a number of different approaches depending on the extent of the invasion.

About Bug-Man Pest Service

Bug-Man Pest Service is a family owned pest control company that started 50 years ago right here in Jacksonville. We have developed a reputation as the top choice to call for all pest and wildlife needs, and love serving our local community.

No matter what your specific termite treatment requires, our team will make sure to provide it. We encourage you to contact us today at 904-289-7171, or fill out our appointment form and we'll gladly provide you with a free quote for any of our service.