Bat Extermination Jacksonville FL

batMany people get scared of bats, because there is a stigma that goes along with them. However, bats are relatively harmless. There are 21 different species of bats that have been found here in Florida, but only 13 species have been known to breed in the state.

Will Bats Hurt Me or My Family?

Bats usually do not bite or try to attack people, but you still should be cautious. Sometimes, even one bat can become a bit of nuisance.

Most often, if a person is bitten by a bat, it is on account of them picking up an injured or sick one. If you are ambitious enough to pick up a bat that is sick or injured, you should be wearing leather gloves to keep their teeth from penetrating the skin. Not all of these animals have rabies, but as the old saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.

What is the Problem With Having Bats in My Home?

One animal in your home is not usually the end of the world, but can be a bit of a bother. It might not even require you contacting a company that offers Jacksonville bat extermination. But then again, how can you be certain there’s only one? Almost always, bats are found roosting in large numbers. And why is that a concern?

The problem lies when you have a colony of bats that take up residence in your home or business. They are often found in small voids that you would never fathom the idea that so many of them could fit in such a small place. Many times, folks believe they have bats in their attic or chimney when really, they are roosting in the eves and other crevices. Believe it or not, the bats themselves are not greatest issue. Guano, which is their excrement, is a major problem and health concern.

Areas that contain bat urine and guano becomes a perfect environment for fungal diseases to grow. In particular, histoplasmosis, will grow in these conditions. This is an airborne fungi that can infect humans.

When you have a colony of these creatures in your home, it is imperative that you find a company that provides Jacksonville bat extermination.

Who Provides Bat Extermination in Jacksonville?

Bug-Man here in Florida does not provide bat extermination Jacksonville, per say. Killing bats is illegal because these animals play a vital part of the environment. However, we do specialize in evicting these creatures from your home.

When you contact us for our removal services, we will work to relocate the bats to a new home by finding all of the areas that they could possibly find a way in and seal them all. This part is what we call our Bat Exclusion Jacksonville. That’s no task for a novice because these unique creatures only need ½ an inch of space to make their way into your house or business. Once all of the entry points are sealed, we’ll provide them with one access point out and hang a large net over the exit so that they may escape unharmed, but not have a chance to get back in. We can even build you a bat house if you would like to keep them on your property to handle the mosquitoes.

What Else is Part of the Jacksonville Bat Removal Service Bug-Man Offers?

Like it was mentioned earlier, guano and urine is known to contain airborne fungi. The waste must be cleaned up and disinfected with proper techniques and sanitation measures to ensure that you and your family do not get sick.

Here at Bug-Man, we clean up the biohazard, dispose of it properly, and disinfect the entire area. This process requires special equipment, clothing, and respirators to keep our staff from harm.

When you are in need of Jacksonville bat removal, please contact us at 904-289-7171. We are passionate about protecting our wildlife as well as you and your family. With our decades of experience and commitment to offer you the best pest control Jacksonville, you can be certain that your problem will not be a problem for much longer.