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Larry spent more than an hour at my home, checking every room, every door, every window, and even the attic, for signs of termites. This was just for a quote for termite prevention services! Other companies just gave us a haphazard quote by phone, or came out, sat in their truck, and wrote a quote. Larry was the most thorough, and even beat the other quotes I had! We chose him for the termite service, and now have him come out for quarterly spraying. We couldn't be happier!

-The Freers

The personnel in this company are competent, calm and knowledgeable and they know how to explain any problem and its subsequent solution. They are incredibly thorough, very tidy and their response time is always according to the appointment time. I have dealt with these people for literally decades, perhaps 40 years or so, starting with "grandfather" Arthur Lindsey and now grandson Larry Wise. My concern has always been their concern and there is never a doubt that it will be properly addressed. I have never questioned the cost of the service because certain qualities are "priceless". And in retrospect there is no doubt that my investment in pest control has certainly yielded positive dividends throughout the years. Yes, in every way our family has received 100% customer satisfaction in service and honesty whether we were at the house when it was serviced or not. My experience with this company involved pest control for my personal business as well as my residence. I retired from work as did the pests at my house because Bug Man Pest Service continued on the job.. And so I say with absolute assurance, if you want complete efficiency in pest control and honest people taking care of your needs Bug Man Pest Service gets a well-deserved A+ rating. Over a very long number of years they have shown me honesty in ability and honesty in personal character.

Herb Plotkin,

I have been using Bug Man, a family owned and run company, 40 years for quarterly maintenance. No other company consistently places more emphasis on customer service skills and satisfaction. The technicians are well-informed and experienced in the field.. They do a thorough inspection and treatment indoor and outdoor of my house when they come. If I ever have concerns between visits they are quick to take care of any issues or problems when I call. They always take time to answer my questions and to insure that the job is done to my satisfaction. I wished that all the maintenance people who come to my home had the integrity and trustworthiness that this company has. After 40 years of excellent service, I highly recommend Bug Man.

Bettye Smith,

Larry thank you for everything that you do! I have never had a bug guy before because I thought they were a waste of time and a waste of money. Well I can say different. You're not of waste of time and you're not a waste of money. The roaches in my house were so bad that I would come home at night and turn on the light and the whole entire floor would walk away. I tried for six years to get rid of them and they just kept coming back. I will never have a different bug guy. I can actually cook a dinner without seeing one which I never thought that day would come. I can turn on the light and don't have to worry about anything at all because of you. Thank you very much!

Nicole Prindle ,