Mole Removal Jacksonville FL

moleMoles can create a significant problem if allowed to inhabit your lawn. These animals can make a mess for your garden and grass by leaving unsightly mounds throughout your yard. If you think you may have a mole problem, then you need to call the experts in Jacksonville FL mole removal.

What Are Moles?

Moles have a pointed snout, stout claws and a bare tail. They grow to be almost 7 inches in length and have grayish fur. Their eyes and ears are fairly small and are covered by hair.

Unlike gophers, that eat vegetation, moles are insectivores. They feed on earthworms and other burrowing insects.

Moles do not eat plants; they don’t cause significant harm to vegetation. Most of the damage caused by moles is aesthetic, because of the ugly hills that they excavate. Many times they are blamed for damaged turf that is actually caused by the insects that the moles eat.

If you have a problem with these animals, you are in need of effective mole control. With the right company, you can have this problem taken care of, and your lawn will get back to being healthy.

What is Mole Removal Jacksonville FL?

There are several solutions to effective mole extermination. The use of mole traps is a common response to mole problems, but they are designed to kill moles. If you are looking for alternatives to killing the moles, then there are other solutions. Other methods include use of mole repellents, which can deter them from the area exposed to the repellent.

The most effective method of controlling moles is the use of plastic worms that are impregnated with poison; however, getting them to take the bait can be tricky. You can just leave it to Bug-Man to eliminate every mole in your yard. We have had much practice over the years and have a few tricks up our sleeve.

Bugman Offers Jacksonville Mole Removal?

If you are in need of a mole exterminator in Jacksonville FL, Bug-Man Pest Control can offer you a few options as far as mole control, and we will look at your situation and suggest a method based on our experience. We offer a wide range of pest and wildlife control services. We are a Family Owned and Scientifically Operated business that has served the area for over 40 years.

We are confident that with our knowledge and experience, we can offer you the effective mole control you need.

If you have questions regarding Jacksonville FL mole removal, please feel free to contact us today. We can discuss your preferred method of removing these animals from your property.