It usually starts with only one or two. But after a while, you start to notice more and more holes in your lawn. These holes are often caused by moles (though they could be caused by gophers or voles), and they can create a significant problem if they are allowed to inhabit your lawn for long.

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What Are Moles and Why Are They a Pest?

Moles are a type of rodent that lives almost entirely underground. They have a pointed snout, stout claws, and their tail is bare. Including their tail they can grow to be as big as 7 inches. We have two mole species here in Florida:

  • Eastern Mole
  • Star Nosed Mole

The star nose moles can look somewhat nightmarish, as their nose looks like it has many small arms coming from its nostril, while the Eastern Mole looks almost like an obese rat.

Mole hills can also look like gopher holes, so determining which hole is which is part of our inspection and important for treatment. Moles eat ground insects, like worms, which makes them less harmful to gardens than gophers which eat vegetation and may destroy a garden for food.

Moles themselves are harmless to humans. But the damage they do to a yard or garden can be extensive. Not only are these holes unsightly, but the worse they become the more they can turn into sinkholes below ground that require more expensive landscaping to repair. Moles also may not damage gardens on purpose, but in their quest for insects they can uproot flowers, strawberries, and other loose plants.

Mole Removal and Mole Exterminators in Jacksonville, FL

Bug-Man Pest Service is a rodent specialist, with tools and techniques that can provide mole extermination and removal no matter the size of your lawn or the extent of the invasion. We also are firm believers in humane wildlife control, so if you'd like to use an alternative to mole extermination, we can utilize mole repellents - slightly less effective, but a safe alternative for those that want to leave wildlife alone.

Mole extermination requires expertise. The baits and strategies that are used cannot simply be left around a yard without the right approach. Our team makes sure that we get rid of moles on your property with the utmost care, providing you with successful results.

Jacksonville Mole Removal and Pest Control - Bug-Man Pest Service

As a family owned business that offers full service local pest control, Bug-Man Pest Service has been the leading choice for mole extermination for over 50 years. But while we have been active for so many decades, we also believe strongly in integrating only the latest in research and technology so that you're always getting the newest and best approach to rodent control.

If you're struggling with moles, or you not sure if it's moles, gophers, voles, or something else, contact our rodent control specialists right away for more information.