Bug-Man Pest Service - Pest Control in Jacksonville, FL

Bug-Man Pest Service is a pest control company in Jacksonville, serving areas like Orange Park, Middleburg, Fleming Island, and the surrounding areas.

We are a full service pest control company, which means that in addition to seasonal pest management, we also offer general extermination, termite control, bed bug control, wildlife and animal removal, and more to homeowners and commercial properties throughout the region.

We know you have your choice in Jacksonville pest control. It's why we make every effort to prove to you each and every day that you made the right choice when you selected Bug-Man Pest Service. We use the latest technology, the best people, and because we're family owned and operated, you're always working with locals that care about protecting your property and your family.

Learn more about Bug-Man Pest Service by scheduling an appointment using the button to the right, or explore our site to learn more about the pest control services we have available.

Satisfied Customers

  • Most Competent, Best Price

    Larry spent more than an hour at my home, checking every room, every door, every window, and even the attic, for signs of termites. This was just for a quote for termite prevention services! Other companies just gave us a haphazard quote by phone, or came out, sat in their truck, and wrote a quote. Larry was the most thorough, Continue Reading...

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  • Herb Plotkin
    Herb Plotkin,

    The personnel in this company are competent, calm and knowledgeable and they know how to explain any problem and its subsequent solution. They are incredibly thorough, very tidy and their response time is always according to the appointment time. I have dealt with these people for literally decades, perhaps 40 years or so, starting with "grandfather" Arthur Lindsey and now Continue Reading... Herb Plotkin

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  • Bettye Smith
    Bettye Smith,

    I have been using Bug Man, a family owned and run company, 40 years for quarterly maintenance. No other company consistently places more emphasis on customer service skills and satisfaction. The technicians are well-informed and experienced in the field.. They do a thorough inspection and treatment indoor and outdoor of my house when they come. If I ever have concerns Continue Reading... Bettye Smith

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  • Nicole Prindle
    Nicole Prindle ,

    Larry thank you for everything that you do! I have never had a bug guy before because I thought they were a waste of time and a waste of money. Well I can say different. You're not of waste of time and you're not a waste of money. The roaches in my house were so bad that I would come Continue Reading... Nicole Prindle

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  • Teresa Ricks
    Teresa R.,

    Arthur Lindsey, Larry Wise, and Bug-Man Pest Service are my heroes.  My husband and I have used Bug-Man indoor pest control for more years than I can remember and have been completely satisfied with their service throughout the years.  Arthur has proven to be honest, trustworthy, and truly dedicated to keeping my home pest-free.  When Larry joined the company, he used Continue Reading... Teresa R.

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  • Shane Reed
    Shane R.,

    My wife and I have been using The Bug Man pest control for about 5 years now. I can not say enough how much we love them. The staff is very professional and courteous. I can not remember the last time we have seen bug in my house besides the typical ones that fly in when door is open. We Continue Reading... Shane R.

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    Ed A.,

    We have enjoyed having Bug Man as our pest control service for 28 years at our home and before that my in-laws used them for 15 years.  They are customer service focused, always pleasant and have always had the answer to our issues, including rat and squirrels in our attic and termite treatment- even killing a snake while doing our Continue Reading... Ed A.

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  • Bonnie Vande Velde
    Bonnie V.,

    Bugman took care of a termite infestation in my shed for me. I thought it would be sufficient to just have them take care of that but Larry convinced me that I needed protection on the whole property. I am so thankful that he cared enough to do a complete job and not just leave me with an infestation somewhere Continue Reading... Bonnie V.

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Bug-Man Pest Service - Professional Jacksonville Pest Control Company

Bug-Man Pest Control is a full service pest control company an exterminator with next day, same day, and even 24 hour emergency service. We are committed to providing outstanding pest control that will eliminate and prevent any pests, rodents, termites, bedbugs, wildlife, and more from entering and living in your home.

Since we are based in the Jacksonville area, we understand the pest and animal problems the community faces year-round, as Florida's hot summers and mild winters means that insects and wildlife are a constant problem every day of the year.

With our pest management service, you don't have to face these issues alone. We're ready to provide everything from seasonal pest control to one time pest extermination, which is why we are frequently cited as the most trusted pest control company near you for all types of pests. We encourage you to call us today, or fill out our contact form for a free quote.

Our Pest Control Service in Jacksonville, Orange Park, and More

"I needed pest control near me and I'm so glad I found Bug-Man Pest Service!"

Pests are a serious issue here in Northern Florida. That's why we place a strong focus on offering the best possible local pest control services. We understand that there are a variety of pests, which means we need to use a variety of tactics and techniques to control and exterminate each type.

We are strong believers in science and technology, which is why we always use the newest and latest techniques for pest elimination and prevention. We also offer exclusion and deterrent services - perfect for both commercial and residential properties that want to keep all pests away, all throughout the year. It is this commitment that has helped us become one of the most well known and trusted Jacksonville exterminators.

We offer pest control services for a variety of pests, including; mosquitos, fleas, roaches, fire ants, flies, crickets, termites, mud daubers, silverfish, ticks, spiders, bees, hornets, yellow jackets, gnats, wasps, bed bugs, and carpenter ants.

We offer seasonal pest services that can come to your property monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. We also offer one time solutions for pests that are either not seasonal or simply require a one time treatment. All of our employees are true pest experts that have the necessary education, skills, and experience to take control of your pest problem.

Mosquito Control in Jacksonville Florida

We have the capability to handle all types of pests. Here in Florida, because areas like Jacksonville and Orange Park are so at risk for mosquitoes, we're pleased to be able to offer low cost and highly effective mosquito control services.

Florida's humidity, rain, and warm climate make places like Jacksonville the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes to grow and thrive. And because mosquitoes also spread disease, extermination is not just a convenience issue - it is a health issue as well.

We'll inspect your property to see if you're at risk for mosquitoes, address any areas of concern, and then use special sprays and tools that are known to prevent and eliminate mosquitoes for weeks at a time. It's a great way to keep your home and your property bite free.

Rodent Removal in Jacksonville FL

Rodents are also a common problem here in Jacksonville. As a full service pest and wildlife control company, we can respond to any rodent problems with comprehensive and effective solutions, many of which are humane and safe for humans and pets. We can get rid of gophers, mice, moles, squirrelsrats, and other animals like rabbits that have decided to invade your property.

We also guarantee our work. Rodent control is not a one-and-done task. It often requires a combination of traps, sealing of holes, cleaning of risk factors and more. Depending on the rodent - whether it's a rat or a mouse or a squirrel - it becomes important to make sure that every potential avenue is addressed.

Different rodents lead to different challenges. Some damage homes. Others spread disease. Others can create dangerous holes in your yard. No matter the issue, Bug-Man Pest Service is ready to address your rodent removal needs as fast as possible, and get rid of the wildlife that is bothering your property the most.

Wildlife Removal in Jacksonville FL

Florida is home to some of the most beautiful wildlife species in the United States. While this diverse wildlife brings a special and beautiful element to Florida's landscape, it can also create problems for homeowners and commercial properties.

For example, some of the smaller animals that call Florida home have a tendency to seek safety in our homes and outdoor spaces. Common animals that infiltrate properties include: bats, birds, possums, raccoons, skunks, and snakes.

Like rodent removal, wildlife removal can potentially be dangerous when done on your own, and merely eliminating the animal is not often effective enough at preventing the problem in the future. That's why it's crucial that you give a Jacksonville exterminator, like Bug-Man Pest Control, a call as soon as you sense a problem.

Bug-Man Pest Control services Orange Park, Middleburg, Fleming Island, and Jacksonville, Florida. If you're interested in asking any questions or seeking out more information about any of our pest management offerings, give us a call today at 904-299-8552 to talk to one of our specially trained customer service representatives!