Cricket Extermination Jacksonville, FL

cricketWhen it is quiet at night and you can hear the crickets chirping, it can be a calming atmosphere. However, when you have crickets singing their song in your house in the middle of the night, it might not be as calming. If you have a problem with this insect, then you need to contact Bugman Pest Control for house cricket removal services.

What are House Crickets?

Acheta domesticus, otherwise known as house crickets, are commonly found in and around your home. These insects can grow to be 2 cm in length as adults. They are a light brown color and have three stripes on their heads. Also, they have sleek antennas and wings that are close to their body.

These insects infest your home for the same reason many bugs come in. They are looking for a food and water source. Crickets tend to eat pet food, which can be a big attraction to them. They also eat lettuce and other types of fruits.

One cricket can easily turn into many as they reproduce quickly. If you have a problem with these insects, you need a house cricket exterminator.

What Can I do For House Cricket Extermination in Jacksonville FL?

Since these insects are attracted to vegetation, pet food, and damp conditions, you should start by eliminating their food and water supply. You might need to put pet food in a storage container and make certain that no pieces are left out.

If you have damp areas of the home, you can run a dehumidifier to keep the moisture down. If you are unable to get rid of these insects by eliminating the food and water source, then you need a house cricket exterminator.

What is House Cricket Extermination?

Catching crickets can be a very difficult task. It sounds as if their chirping is coming from one area of your home, but when you check, you can’t find the insect. That is why it is important to use a house cricket removal service.

Bugman Pest Control offers a house cricket exterminator service. We will come into your home and spray our specially designed pesticides. Our formula was developed by an entomologist at the University of Florida.

We are a Family Owned and Scientifically Operated business that works to serve our community with the best in pest control. Each of our customers are treated like family and not just another job.

Should you have any questions about house cricket removal or our other services, please feel free to contact us today. We will help you in any way we can.