Summer Pest Control in Jacksonville, FL with Bug-Man Pest Service


Pests in Jacksonville are seasonal. Though warm weather makes it easier for insects and wildlife to be active year-round, most pests become problems at different stages throughout the year.

This makes it possible for pest control in Jacksonville to offer longer lasting, more effective treatments. Here at Bug-Man Pest Service, we're able to offer a seasonal pest control - only 4 treatments a year - that is capable of effectively eliminating and preventing pests for all 12 months.

Because of the warm weather, pests are especially active in summer, and Bug-Man Pest Service is the best choice for pest control and management during the summer months. Schedule a free quote or give us a call at 904-289-7171 to learn more about our summer pest service.

Quick Note: About Seasonal Pest Care

Most businesses provide monthly or bimonthly pest control. But Bug-Man Pest Service uses only the state of the art solutions, as well as strategies that were created by our master's degree entomologist. Our pest control treatments only need to be used once each season, making them more affordable throughout the year and more effective.

It's why we only need to provide a seasonal pest service. But note: while we trust our strategies to be effective, we also stand behind our work. If you do find that you have pests on your property before the season is over, we'll be there to help.

Common Summer Pests in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is prone to a lot of different types of pests during the warm and humid months. Some of the most common during summer include:

  • MosquitoesBesides the painful bites and constant itching that mosquitoes bring, they can also be carriers of harmful diseases.
  • German Roaches - German roaches are attracted to food and wet areas of your home. They may live in your home or find an entrance and come in and out as they please.
  • Fleas - During the summer, fleas are a real problem for you and your pets. Even after you treat your animals, the fleas can live in your carpets and furniture.
  • Ticks - Ticks are very bad during the hot months. They get on your pets as well as your body. They are more commonly found in your lawn. A few carry known human diseases.
  • Spiders - Spiders are very common in summer, including black widow spiders. Black widows tend to live outdoors, in areas that are right near the house.
  • Millipedes - Millipedes tend to invade in the later summer/early fall months. They are harmless in general, but if they find an opening they can invade in massive numbers.
  • House Centipedes - House Centipedes are a terrifying looking pest, but one of the best natural pest control methods found in nature. They come indoors because other pests do, as those other insects represent their best possible meal.

Summer is also a time when many people start to experience ant invasions. Ants are everywhere in the world outside of Antarctica, but we in Jacksonville have some of the worst ant species as the environment is prone to ant habitats. Some of the ants that we struggle with in the region include:

  • Fire Ants - Fire ants are the only local ant that can be genuinely dangerous to humans. Their bites have venom and can be painful, and multiple bites can be even more so.
  • Acrobat Ants - The Acrobat ant has a distinct heart shaped abdomen, which is why it's also known as a valentine ant. They have some light venom that can cause itchy skin.
  • Argentine Ants - Argentine ants are known to take up residence in your home, cracks in the concrete and other places where they will become a nuisance. They do not sting, but invade in large groups and have multiple queens to make DIY pest control more difficult.
  • Big Head Ants - These ants have workers that have heads that are proportionately bigger than their bodies. They live in logs and under rocks out in your yard, but they may come indoors.
  • Crazy Ants - Crazy ants are named this such for their erratic behavior. They are harmless but can be a nuisance pest.
  • Florida Carpenter Ants - These insects have red and black bodies. They build their nests inside of wood, at can eat away at your home, causing damage.
  • Ghost Ants - Ghost ants have a back end that is a transparent white color with black head. Ghost ants aren't harmful to humans but they smell if crushed and build nests inside of homes.
  • Pharaoh Ant - Pharaoh ants are nuisance pests that create large colonies quickly. They can also split into multiple smaller colonies when pest control has been unsuccessful, and they enjoy eating critical hospital equipment like latex, making them a serious problem.
  • Rover Ants - Rover ants are commonly found outdoors in Jacksonville, Middleburg, Orange Park, and the surrounding areas in moist or rotting mulch and vegetation.

Ants are not the only invasive pests during this time of year, but they are some of the most problematic as they enjoy the warm and moist weather that we have here in Northern Florida.

About Our Summer Pest Control in Jacksonville, FL

We take many different approaches to pest control, even when it comes to summer pests. We look at your specific location, your land, your trees, and more. We see if there are entrance points (to determine exclusion needs) and, for commercial properties, we look to see what methods are best for your specific property.

There are occasions where we may recommend pest control more than once a season, but only for high risk properties that require extensive pest relief (for example, nursing homes or older homes with immunocompromised residents). But our summer pest control, as part of our yearly pest service, is a great choice no matter your type of property.

We encourage you to learn more about our service, or schedule an appointment for a free quote at any time by calling us today or filling out the form to the right.