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Many people fear spiders. Most spiders, however, are harmless. They have no toxins and cannot pierce skin. But there are some spiders, like the black widow spider, that are dangerous to people and pets, while there are other spiders can lead to painful bites or unattractive webs.

Spiders are helpful outdoors. But when spiders move inside the home, or black widows decide to live on your property, spiders become a problematic pest. At Bug-Man Pest Service, our Jacksonville spider exterminators are here to eliminate spiders, prevent them from entering your home, and keep the dangerous spiders away from your property. Call today at 904-289-7171 for a low cost quote.

About Our Spider Control Services in Jacksonville, Orange Park, and More

Spiders can be addressed with our affordable seasonal pest control service. Designed by our on-staff entomologist (bug scientist), we use treatments that create a barrier around your property for 3+ months, protecting you throughout the entire season from spider invasions.

We also treat outside the property for black widow spiders, and remove webs and hiding spots of other biting spiders - like wolf spiders. All of our services are also guaranteed, so if you start to see spiders on your property before the season is over, we'll come back and provide additional treatments right away.

Our team uses 100% safe insecticides that won't harm people or pests. We can also provide exclusion services that are chemical free to keep spiders out of areas that have small openings. On the exterior of your property, we'll treat for any potentially venomous spider species, while leaving harmless and beneficial garden spiders unharmed.

Best of all, the solutions we use to get rid of spiders are part of the same services we use for all seasonal pest control. So in addition to treating spiders, we will treat for cockroaches, crickets, house centipedes, and most other household pests all at the same time and for no additional cost. We encourage you to find out more about these services and our spider control guarantee by contacting us today via the form to our right.

Spider Characteristics and Spider Risks

There are at minimum 35,000 species of spider in the world, with hundreds living right here in Jacksonville. As scary as spiders often seem, most are harmless to humans, incapable of piercing skin and without any venom that is capable of hurting people.

Spiders are nature's pest control, eating flies, mosquitoes, and other pests so that they stay away from your property. The problem occurs when you start to find spiders inside of your home. Generally, this means several things:

  • It means that there are small openings and spiders are finding ways to fit through.
  • It means you probably have even more spiders, because most hide throughout the property.
  • If you're afraid of spiders, it means that you are probably anxious or stressed every time you see one.

There are spiders that create webs up high, and hunting spiders that seek out prey down below. All spiders, even black widows, are good for the environment.

But some spiders bite, and are capable of piercing skin. Spiders that can pierce skin can lead to itchy bumps, or painful bumps, or - in the case of black widows - potentially dangerous nerve issues that can be fatal for sensitive groups.

If you see only one or two spiders over several months, you probably do not have a significant invasion. But if you start to see spiders more often, chances are your home is at risk.

Our pest control team will get rid of spiders fast with interior and exterior treatments that are highly effective at removing spider populations. We'll also create a barrier that protects against future spiders, along with most other seasonal pests.

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