Arthur Lindsey, Larry Wise, and Bug-Man Pest Service are my heroes.  My husband and I have used Bug-Man indoor pest control for more years than I can remember and have been completely satisfied with their service throughout the years.  Arthur has proven to be honest, trustworthy, and truly dedicated to keeping my home pest-free.  When Larry joined the company, he used his knowledge of bedbugs to completely free my home of an infestation brought into my home by a houseguest.  During that dark time, he spent literally hours reassuring us that he had eliminated them and educating us about what to look for and how to prevent further infestation.  Larry also began treating our lawn, and we are quite pleased with the turn-around that we have observed.  As an example of their dedication to customer satisfaction, Larry came to treat our lawn on one occasion, and I mentioned a minor concern inside.  He immediately went to his truck, brought in his equipment, and retreated the entire inside of my home.  I sleep better at night knowing that Arthur and Larry have done their best to keep my home and lawn pest-free.

Teresa R.,