Skunk Removal Services Jacksonville FL

skunkMost people are familiar with skunks because of the awful smell they put off. Even if you can’t see this animal, you know it is there. If you have this problem, then you are in need of Jacksonville FL skunk removal.

What Are Skunks?

These animals are about the size of a cat. They have a black bodies with white stripes down the side. Skunks are sometimes called polecats in the United States.

They are able to spray an odorous liquid with their backside up to ten feet from themselves. The odor can be so strong that it can be smelled sometimes for up to over a mile away. They use this as a defense mechanism with other animals as well as any dangerous threat to their young.

Why Get Rid of Skunks?

These animals can be dangerous to you and your family. If you are sprayed by a skunk, the only problem is that the odor that will linger for days. However, they are the common carriers of rabies.

Not only do they carry diseases, but they can also become a nuisance to your home. They are known to forage for food in trash cans and find other sources on your property.

If you have this animal on your property, then you are in need of skunk removal services in Jacksonville FL.

Bug-Man Pest Control Offers a Skunk Removal Service

Here at Bug-Man Pest Control, we offer more than just insect services. We offer Jacksonville skunk control. With our knowledge and expertise, we are able to get rid of these animals so that you do not have to worry.

We are able to set traps and catch the creature that is putting you at risk. Along with our skunk removal services, we will give you guidance of how to discourage these animals from taking up residence again.

One of the ways to discourage them from making your yard a habitat, is to remove cover. If you have wood piles laying around, then they will need to be moved. Bushes, old vehicles, and thick brush can also be a place where they hide.

Look for holes near structures and fill them in. Skunks will use these places to create a den. It is also important to remove any food source they have access to.

Our Guarantee

Here at Bug-Man Pest Control, we are a Family Owned and Scientifically Operated business. We have been serving our community with excellence for over 40 years.

Our personal approach to pest control has helped us to retain some of our customers since the beginning.

If you are in need of skunk removal Jacksonville, please feel free to call us today. We can set you up with an appointment and help you take care of your problems.