Pest Control in Lakeside FL with Bug-Man Pest Service

No one looks for pest control because they want to. As a Jacksonville pest control company that proudly services Lakeside, FL, we know that if you're looking for pest control near you, you're probably in need of someone right away - someone that can assist you with the pests that are causing you the most challenges, whether they're seasonal pests, wildlife, or something else.

Bug-Man Pest Service has been providing pest control and management for Lakeside, FL since the 1950s. We're family owned, family operated, and able to provide some of the most affordable costs and outstanding service. We're also very different from other pest control, because every service we provide has been created by our in-house entomologist, who has developed programs that are long lasting, effective, and based on the latest in insect, rodent, and wildlife science.

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About Our Lakeside Pest Control

Living in Florida is challenging with regards to pests. Indeed, unlike other parts of the country, we have warm weather even through winter that can attract different pests throughout the year.

Our team at Bug-Man Pest Service is here to help. Our pest control is based on the most successful strategies currently available. We also update our strategies when new research emerges, and provide support - including 24/7 emergency pest control - whenever it's necessary.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Seasonal Pest Control - Our seasonal pest control service helps keep your property pest free throughout the year. Because we use the most effective strategies, we only need to come to your property once every 3 months to deliver long lasting and effective pest management.
  • Termite Control - Termites are a serious challenge here in Lakeside, FL. Our exterminator team will eliminate every single termite and their colony so that your home is protected.
  • Bed Bug Treatment - We are also the leading choice for bed bugs, capable of exterminating even large scale invasions so that you can sleep comfortably and know that you will wake up bite free.
  • Mosquito Treatment - Mosquitoes are also a serious challenge in this area, providing not only itchy bites but also the potential to spread serious diseases. Our mosquito control service is long lasting, using mists that can protect effectively against mosquito invasions.
  • Wildlife and Animal Control - We provide rodent control services that exterminate rats, mice, gophers, moles, and many others. We can also provide humane pest control for squirrels, raccoons, snakes, bats, birds, and many other forms of wildlife.

We've developed services that are effective for both commercial and residential properties, so if you have a business that requires pest control, we can provide that as well. We also provide supplementary services like lawn care, dead animal removal, cleanup after pest infestations, and much more.

Throughout Lakeside, FL, we provide the comprehensive and effective pest management that will have your property feeling more comfortable and enjoyable all throughout the year.

Pest Control Near Me - Your Lakeside FL Pest Service

Insects are a part of nature. If you're spending your time out on a trail at Clarke House Park, you're going to come across bugs that are playing an important role in the ecosystem.

But in your home, these same pests can be vectors of disease, spread bacteria, cause property damage or itchy bites, or may just be a nuisance that you and your family do not want to live with. Based in Jacksonville, Bug-Man Pest Service is ready to serve your Lakeside location and provide the top tier service we've been known for over the past 50 years.

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