Time for Termites

Shh… Can you hear that?  Listen.

*munch munch munch* 

That’s the sound of millions of tiny mouths making a meal of your home.

Wait… listen again.


carpenter ants

That’s the sound of hundreds or even thousands of dollars being flushed away as a result of not getting your home termite inspected.

In and around the Jacksonville, Florida area, this is the time of year when termites become active.  What should you do to make sure termites don’t use your home as their personal dinner buffet?  Well, you could look for signs of the critters in and around your home.  These include:

  • the presence of mud tubes. (photo courtesy of Dini M. Miller, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech, and Virginia State University)

  • damaged wood. (pictures of brittle wood, bugs in wood.) 
  • the presence of ‘swarmers’. Termite swarmers are attracted to light and often seen around windows, doors, and light fixtures. 

The easiest and most effective way to combat termites is simple: call Bug-Man Pest Control.  Our staff includes an entomologist from the University of Florida, as well as several experienced pest control technicians that know how to ensure that your home will remain free of termites.

Our technicians know that:

  • often the signs of termite infestation go unseen by homeowners until great damage is done.
  • not every winged ant is a termite.
  • infested wood hardly ever displays outward signs of termite activity.

And just in case, once Bug-Man Pest Control performs a termite treatment on your home, they will place a $1 million termite bond on your home that covers any future termite infestations and any damage they cause.  You can sleep easy knowing that you will never have to worry about termites again.

If you are in the Jacksonville, Florida area, call Bug-Man Pest Service and we will schedule a time to offer a free inspection. We have been killing termites in Jacksonville for decades. We take pride in being the best termite extermination company in the Jacksonville area.

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