5 “Fun” Facts About Roaches

Bug-Man Pest Service provides comprehensive roach treatment solutions, including one time treatments for larger invasions or as part of our affordable seasonal pest service in Jacksonville. Cockroaches are frequent challenges in the area, plaguing homeowners throughout the region.

If you're in need of roach control and extermination, Bug-Man Pest Service has you covered. But if you're feeling like you're interested in learning more about these problematic pests, the following are some little known facts about cockroaches and cockroach invasions.

What You Didn't Know About Roaches

  • Roaches Don't Usually Live Inside Your Home

It is possible for cockroaches to live on your property and invade your home. But most of the time, the cockroaches you see in your house don't live there. They live outside, and they use entrance points they've found around your home to come in and out when they want food, water, and warmth.

  • Cockroaches Are Not That Hungry

One solution a lot of homeowners use to eliminate roaches - sealing their food and storing it away - is simply not that effective, because despite how much they invade your food items, they can survive without food, feed on small pieces of crumbs you cannot see, and eat non-food items. Cutting off their food supply is not an extermination method, though it is useful for ensuring your food remains healthy.

  • Roaches Are More Than Gross

Most people dislike cockroach invasions because roaches are somewhat gross. But there are actually risks associated with cockroaches. Their skin, hair, and saliva can cause allergens that also may irritate those with asthma. They commonly are covered in bacteria, increasing the risk of developing an unwanted illness. Removing roaches is important for maintaining your health and wellness.

  • Cockroaches Love Corners

It may seem like roaches are always traveling on the corners of walls. It's because they are. Roaches are what's known as thigmotropic, which means that they experience less distress when they sense they are touching something else. It's why the best way to guarantee cockroach removal is to treat interior corners.

  • Probably Best Not to Flush Roaches

Lots of people flush unwanted pests in the toilet so as not to require squashing them and cleanup. But it is probably not the best idea, since roaches can hold their breath for more than 30 minutes. You probably don't want anyone to find a surprise the next time they try to use the bathroom.

Entomologist Based Cockroach Control in Jacksonville

For most homeowners, roaches are not particularly fun even with these interesting facts. That's why if you need a cockroach exterminator in Jacksonville, it's best to call Bug-Man Pest Service. We're not only the best choice to get rid of roaches - we are also one of the only cockroach control companies that uses an in-house entomologist to design all of our pest control strategies.

When you're in need of help with cockroaches, contact Bug-Man Pest Service, today.

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