Common Mistakes That Home Owners Make With Their Pest Control

it’s tempting for homeowners to want to do pest control all on their own. It's a way to save money, and for homeowners that like to take control of their household, it is a way for them to feel like they are participating in their family safety.

But while there are some methods of pest control that will work in small ways, the problem that many homeowners have - in addition to simply not having access to the same solutions that professional pest control companies do -  is that unless you have a specific game plan and experience it is often too easy to make mistakes or to think that you are utilizing techniques that are more effective than they may really be.

Minimally Effective Pest Control

There are several examples of ways that many homeowners engage in pest control techniques that are ineffective for their needs. For example:

  • Killing Insects As Pest Control

It's easy to feel as though killing me insects in your home is enough to reduce the pest population. But pest control isn’t about just killing the insects in your home. That's because most pests do not even live in your home - they simply go inside through small openings the eye can barely see and then leave when they have what they want.

You can kill all the ants, spiders, rats, and roaches that you want, but if you haven't done anything to prevent them from entering then it will largely make no difference.

  • Relying on OTC Pest Sprays Only

Similarly, there are over the counter pest control sprays that resemble some of the ones used by professionals. But "resemble" is the key word. These sprays may prevent pests, but usually for a far shorter time. At Bug-Man Pest Service, we have insecticides that last for 3 months at minimum, even in rain. But beyond that, we also use exclusion to seal away even small holes so pests can't get in. Every homeowner has to engage in exclusion if they want to see results from their DIY pest control.

  • Forgetting to Adjust for Season

Different season brings different pests. Every pest control treatment you try to do at home in Jacksonville should be adjusted for the season, otherwise it will be less effective. There is no one size fits all approach to Jacksonville pest control. Learning more about the science behind it can help you provide better support.

Don't Expect to Do it all

You might be able to eliminate ants, maybe even some spiders. But don't put pressure on yourself to do it all. Most retail mosquito treatments, for example, only last for about a week. DIY bed bug treatments do not work at all. Termite treatments are extensive, difficult, and can be expensive if they fail. It's okay to call a local pest control company. That's what we're here for: to help.

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