Destruction of Drywood Termites

Ahh... winter in Florida. Some cooler days, clear skies with low humidity, oak leaves littering the yard. "It may be time to get out the old flannel shirt" you think as you walk around your home, checking to make sure the clips from last year's Christmas lights are still sturdy enough to hold a few strands this year. Nothing like the few weeks of winter we get around here, when it's cool enough to turn off the air conditioner and throw open the windows. You walk to the windows to check the screens, and you see it, a smattering of what looks like... wings? Tiny white wings, looking iridescent in the sunlight. How strange...

Coming inside to ponder what you've seen, you walk around, literally scratching your head. Finally, you lean over to get a better look at the window, and placing your hand on the sill you feel it give slightly. "Hmm... that seems a bit soft." You push down again, this time with a bit of force, and you hear a cracking sound as a bit of wood breaks, nearly crumbling in your hand.

"Oh no..." you think, as you fight the urge to continue breaking the compromised wood, hoping that it was just one bad board. But, you know. You know deep down that it's termites, and you begin to Google, hoping against hope that you're wrong.

Drywood termites rarely show signs of infestation. Most of the damaging activity occurs deep within a home, or even within a piece of wooden furniture. Burrows are made, tunnels chewed by these voracious eating machines. When it comes time for the young ones to fly the coop, the only evidence of their existence may be a few (or a few hundred) wings scattered about, under windows, caught in cobwebs, littering the ground like creepy, unmelting snow.

When it comes to drywood termites, a localized treatment is possible, but it may be necessary to fumigate the entire structure to ensure the problem is eliminated. Bug-Man Pest Service has experts available to determine what treatment is required, and we have the knowledge and equipment to take care of the problem. You can trust us to be honest, fair, and up-to-date on the latest treatment options.

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