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How Can I Stop Drywood Termites Before They Do Too Much Damage?

Drywood termites are one of the most problematic species of pest in Florida. They have the unique ability to live within the wood of the homes they infest and feed only on the inner layers, which means that - unlike subterranean termites and dampwood termites - there are often few external signs that termites are…
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What is the Most Common Termite in Jacksonville?

Termites are a problem throughout the United States, but they tend to be especially problematic in Florida. Termites love warmth, rainfall, moist soil, and other climate conditions that are especially common in the Jacksonville area. In fact, Florida is considered the state most at risk for termite damage, and Jacksonville is one of the cities…
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Are Drywood Termites More Destructive Than Other Florida Termite Species?

Are Drywood Termites More Destructive Than Other Florida Termite Species? Florida is known for its termites. In Jacksonville, there are many different species of termite that may attack a home, with species that include Eastern Subterranean Termites, Drywood Termites, Formosan Termites, and a few others that are present, but less common. One species that is…
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Destruction of Drywood Termites

Ahh... winter in Florida. Some cooler days, clear skies with low humidity, oak leaves littering the yard. "It may be time to get out the old flannel shirt" you think as you walk around your home, checking to make sure the clips from last year's Christmas lights are still sturdy enough to hold a few…
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