Fast Mosquito Treatment in Jacksonville for a Wedding or Barbecue

Mosquito treatment has come a long way. As a mosquito exterminator and pest control company in Jacksonville, we know how valuable it is for homeowners to have a way to get rid of mosquitoes on your property, because it opens up the door for more time outdoors - from barbecues to time with the family, and more.

Over the past several years, the techniques to eliminate mosquitoes have improved dramatically. These treatments used to be temporary, lasting only a few weeks. But now, it's possible to utilize technology - such as mist devices - that can protect your home from mosquitoes all throughout the year.

When You Need a Mosquito Treatment Company Fast

Most of the time, mosquito control is not considered urgent. We'll schedule a time to come to your property, use the insecticides, seal the home, set up the devices (if applicable), and more. But there are times when you need immediate, effective support:

  • You have an outdoor wedding.
  • You have a large family barbecue.
  • You have an event happening outside with someone sensitive to mosquito bites.

The reason isn't as important. But in these situations, you need essentially a 24 hour mosquito treatment service - someone that can come and utilize the most effective, long lasting insecticides right away so that your event can be bite free.

That's something we are extremely proud to offer here at Bug-Man Pest Service. If you have an event coming up, we can almost always provide you with next day or same day support, to help you with your mosquito emergency.

Our treatments are safe for people and pets, so everyone coming to your home will be able to enjoy your yard. Yet it is highly effective against mosquitoes. Every treatment we use has been chosen and perfected by our on-staff entomologist, so it is guaranteed to work effectively.

Safe Mosquito Control in Time for Your Event

We know how important your event is for you, and we know that sometimes that means coming last minute to make sure that there are no mosquitoes that can ruin the event. If you need our pest control services fast, please contact us 24 hours a day.

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