How to Protect Against House Centipedes in Jacksonville, FL

Many people suffer from arachnophobia, also known as the fear of spiders. For those afraid of bugs, fear of spiders is not only normal - it may be the most commonly cited fear of any insect, more so than wasps, scorpions, and more.

That is... until people see the house centipede.

House centipedes look like elongated spiders with dozens of long legs. They're large. They're fast. They move similar to the way spiders move and are often found by surprise inside of toilets, in showers, and scurrying along the corners of walls.

For someone with or without arachnophobia, house centipedes can be terrifying.

But house centipedes are also nature's pest control. They are one of the most beneficial insects in nature. Much like spiders, they feed on other insects that you don't want in your home, including termites, silverfish, and even spiders. They're one of the only pests in nature that feeds on bedbugs (although not enough to eliminate entire colonies).

If they weren't so terrifying, you'd almost want them in your home.

How to Prevent House Centipedes Without Harming Them

If a house centipede enters your home, the best thing to do is find a way to shoo it outside. We want them in nature, just not inside the house where they can surprise and scare your family. But since not everyone is brave enough to gently move a centipede outside (and because, although rare, they can bite if handled improperly), there are other things you can do to make sure that centipedes remain outdoors. These include:

  • Seasonal Pest Control - The fewer pests that live on your property, the less house centipedes want to enter. They usually come in looking for food, and so if your home has no pests, house centipedes will be less likely to follow.
  • Remove Moisture - House centipedes prefer moist environments, which is why they often find their way into bathrooms. If there are fewer moist places for them to live, any centipedes that enter your home will be less likely to stay.
  • Seal Entrances - Still, house centipedes may find their way into your home by accident in search of food or moisture. And of course we do not want them in your home for any reason. Exclusion is the best course of action here. If all small holes are sealed on your property, centipedes will be unable to find an entrance.

With house centipede prevention in Jacksonville, especially with exclusion, you are in many ways doing these valuable insects a favor while also keeping them out in the exterior of your property to eat some of the more harmful pests in nature.

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