HELP: Woke up with Bites – Bed Bugs or Mosquitoes?

So you woke up with bites on your body.

It is all too common these days to find that you have unexplained itchy bites. Many of these show up after you've slept where you find yourself waking up, scratching yourself, with bites that you did not have the night before.

Now, itchy bumps are not always from a nighttime bite. Allergic reactions can cause itchy bites, as can bug bites you received during the day that simply did not itch right away. Some pests, like cockroaches, can also lead to itchy bumps as a result of their skin secretions, and some spider bites can cause itching as well.

But more often than not, a nighttime bite is caused by one of two pests:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Bed Bugs

There is also no 100% perfect way to determine which insect caused bites without first contacting a mosquito control and bed bug inspection company, like Bug Man Pest Service in Jacksonville. We can explore your home for any signs of bed bugs including those that are hard to spot, and look all over your home or yard for mosquitoes. Our mosquito treatment service is also a great way to prevent these bites throughout the year, whether you have bed bugs or not.

We encourage you to call us today to ask for these inspections. But in the interim, there are a few small signs you can look for to see if it's more likely to be mosquitoes or bed bugs. These include:

  • Multiple Bites Close Together - Mosquitoes eat once and then fly off. While multiple mosquitoes can leave multiple bites, their locations are more likely to be random, since one mosquito will be feeding at a time wherever they land on your body. Bed bugs, on the other hand, tend to feed on multiple spots (often in close to a straight line). More bites in the same location, especially if grouped in a near-line, are far more likely to be bed bugs.
  • Daytime Pests - If you see mosquitoes in your home during the day, then it's likely that you're getting bites at night. Mosquitoes feed both day and night, and if any are getting into your home at any time of day, chances are more can find their way in during nighttime hours. Meanwhile, bed bugs rarely feed during the day, and you'll never see them (if you do, then you know you have bed bugs).
  • Unexplained Dirt - Bedbug droppings, shed skin, and more can all start to look like dirt and grime found around your bed sheets, pillow, or baseboards. If there's unexplained dirt around where you received bites, bed bugs is far more likely. If your sheets and room are bright and clean, mosquitoes may be the culprit, as they do not leave any trace.

These are some of the signs you can use to determine if you have mosquitoes, bed bugs, or something else. But even these may not be perfect. We encourage you to call our mosquito control and bed bug treatment service in Jacksonville, so that we can look for signs of these pests and exterminate them with our state of the art solutions. Call us today for more.

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