The Ants Go Marching One by One Million

Fire ants can create painful, dangerous stings. Carpenter ants eat wood, potentially leading to thousands of dollars in damages to your home or business. But for most ants, the problem isn't bites or damage. For most ants, the problem is their sheer numbers.

We have a lot of ant species here in Jacksonville. The climate in the area is prone to them, and there is plenty of nature for them to thrive. Ants, as eusocial insects, do everything together as a colony. When one ant goes away from the colony to explore for food, water, or items for the nest, the moment they finds something desirable they create a scented path that other ants follow.

Thus, it takes only one ant to suddenly create a wave of thousands upon thousands of ants, seeking out the item that the ant found. And even from there, more ants will explore your home to see if there is anything else they want while there.

How Ant Control Works

You cannot eliminate ants by just spraying them with pest killer and hoping they go away. More ants will come, and even if you move/eliminate whatever it was they sought out, it's impossible to keep a house clean enough to stop 100% of all ants.

It's why professional ant control is so important. The ant control process isn't about eliminating individual ants - though we do exterminate any ants on your property. Instead, ant control is about several steps to ensure that no ants will be found on your property:

  • We eliminate current colonies of ants, especially fire ants and carpenter ants, using specific solutions that are taken back to the queen to wipe out the entire colony. In some cases we eliminate the colony directly.
  • We create a barrier around your property that ants cannot pass, both through safe and long lasting insecticides as well as exclusion (sealing any open spaces). That way, if a new ant tries to find their way into your property, they are unable to survive and find what they need.

The commercial solutions that we have access to are long lasting, and because Bug-Man also employs our own in-house entomologist, each one is specially formulated for the local area in a way that other ant control means cannot provide.

Get rid of ants and keep them away with Bug-Man Pest Service. Fill out our online form for an appoitment.

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