The State Tree of Florida

Did you know that Florida's state tree is the Sabal palmetto? It was named the official state tree by the Florida Legislature in 1953. Also known as the cabbage palm, it is one of fifteen species of palmetto palm. It can be found along the Gulf and south Atlantic coast, from southeastern Texas to the outer banks of North Carolina.

The Sabal palmetto

The Sabal palmetto can grow to a height of up to 65 feet with a trunk diameter of 2 feet. This tree is very easy to maintain and is very adaptable. It is one of the few palm trees that can survive short periods of cold temperatures (as low as 7 degrees). It also has a high tolerance to drought but still needs regular light watering to thrive.

However, the cabbage palm is susceptible to damage from pests, specifically the palmetto weevil. It is the largest weevil in North America and is native to Florida. These weevils commonly attack nursery and transplanted palm trees. They lay eggs in the leaf bases of the crown and growing tissues are killed as the larvae burrow into the heart of the palm.

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