What’s That Noise? Is That a Pest Near Me?

QUESTION: "I was laying in bed at my parent's house, trying to sleep. But I kept hearing this surprisingly loud buzzing noise. It sounded like a fly right by my ear. What kind of pest was near me? Why did I keep hearing that noise?"

ANSWER: Lots of pests buzz. It's not an intentional noise. It's just the sound that fast moving wings make against the air. Many flying insects, from flies to bees to dragonflies, make a buzzing sound when they fly.

But "near me" is a giveaway that it's probably not a fly, especially at night. In fact, most likely what you're hearing is much worse. Buzzing that you hear near you when you sleep is almost always a mosquito.

Mosquitoes are slow flying insects. But their wings have to beat fast in order to keep their bodies afloat, and they frequently find themselves right near your head or body, leading to loud noises that are easy to notice. Flies make similar noises, but flies tend not to stay near your body for long.

If you find that you're hearing these noises too often, what you may need is a comprehensive mosquito treatment. Here in Jacksonville, our mosquito treatment services are the best available, providing a long lasting approach that will keep mosquitoes away from your property both inside and out.

Contact us today via the form at the right, or by using the phone number above, so that we can help you treat for mosquitoes and prevent these noises - and their bites - when you're laying down at night.


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