Drywood Termites in Fleming Island, FL

Termites are a frequent challenge in Florida. But some types of termites are worse than others. Drywood termites are a species that represent a unique challenge. They are less destructive than other termite species, and yet if you haven't had annual inspections, then the last thing you want to hear is "you have drywood termites."

Bug-Man Pest Service is available for fast and effective drywood termite treatments in Fleming Island. If you need help, contact our family owned and local pest control business today.

Why Drywood Termites Are a Severe Challenge

There are many species of termites that affect us here in Fleming Island. Formosan termites are probably the most destructive. They feed fast and create colonies that number in the millions, leading to significant damage to a home.

But Formosan termites can also be easy to spot if you know where to look. They're subterranean termites, which means that they live away from your property and use mud tunnels to travel to your home to feed. The damage they do to wood is also easier to notice.

Drywood termites have smaller colonies and breed slowly. But unlike subterranean termites, their colonies do not live in nests away from your property. They live directly inside of the wood. It allows them to feed and breed almost completely undetected until the problem has become more serious.

That's why families in Fleming Island that have drywood termites can often go years without noticing them, allowing them to continue to feed on your wood and cause further and further damage. That's why even though Formosan termites feed faster, homes with drywood termites tend to experience more damage.

In addition, the more a colony is able to breed, the harder it is to treat. With subterranean termites, we can simply take out the colony. But with drywood termites, the colony lives essentially inside the wood of your home. Your entire home has to be thoroughly treated inside and out, along with potentially replacing some of your wood and wood beams.

All Termites Cause Damage

Still, every type of termite is able to damage a property if they are not treated right away. With annual inspections, thorough treatments, and even some prevention methods available, Bug-Man Pest Service is the best choice to treat any and all of your termite issues on Fleming Island. Call our local and family owned company, today.

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