Pest Control in Fleming Island, FL with Bug-Man Pest Service

The Best Affordable Pest Control Company in Fleming Island Florida

The average person cannot tell the difference between any two pest control companies. There are dozens of exterminators and pest specialists that service Fleming Island and the rest of the Jacksonville area, and each one offers different services and a different approach to pest management. But to the average homeowner, the services often appear the same.

Here at Bug-Man Pest Service, it's our mission to prove, each and every day, what makes us the best pest control company in Fleming Island, FL by providing services that are different from other exterminators in the area by offering services and support that differs both in front of and behind the scenes. If you'd like to learn more about our pest services, call us at 904-289-7171 at any time.

What Makes Us Different?

Bug-Man Pest Service offers everything from low cost seasonal pest control to wildlife removal and management. But what we really offer is a chance to work with a company that offers everything you're looking for in a pest control provider:

  • Science-Based Approach - We are one of the only pest control companies in all of Florida that has an entomologist (insect expert) on staff to develop and customize each and every one of our pest control plans. This means that you're getting an approach that is based on the latest in science and research.
  • Family Owned - We're also a local, family owned company that has been serving generations of customers in Fleming Island and Jacksonville for more than 50 years. You get the personal approach that comes from a company made up of your friends and neighbors, with the capabilities of the larger national chains.
  • Guaranteed Partner - We believe strongly in the work that we do, and we consider it our mission to make sure that you are able to get the best possible pest control you can. If for any reason you continue to see pests that were supposed to be treated, we come back and try new approaches each and every time.

We have 24 hour emergency pest control available for select services, Bug-Man Pest Service is always ready to address your pest concerns when you need us. Because we're family owned, we also have some of the most affordable pest control services available as well. Contact us today to learn how we can help you, or read on to hear more about our Jacksonville FL pest control services.

Pest Control in Fleming Island

Because our programs are developed by an experienced and highly educated entomologist, we provide seasonal pest control solutions quarterly, rather than monthly, helping you avoid all types of common pests like spiders, cockroaches, ants, and more.

We also provide several individual services for less common pests, or those that require a more in-depth treatment. For example:

Bed Bug Extermination in Fleming Island, FL

Bed bugs have become a global epidemic over the past two decades. They are also considered nearly impossible to control on your own, because they are outstanding hiders and capable of growing immune to some at-home bedbug treatments.

We are able to provide the latest and most exciting bed bug treatment services, all delivered by our professional technicians using commercial grade products. We also provide commercial bed bug control for hospitals, hotels, and more. Our services eliminate bed bugs and their eggs, with extermination that ensures bed bugs are gone.

Termite Inspection and Termite Treatments

Termites are extremely common in the Greater Jacksonville area, and can be very destructive. Most termites, especially drywood termites, also tend to go undetected for years without a termite control company to inspect the property. Here in Fleming Island, we offer:

  • Termite Inspections - We'll make sure your home has no signs of termites invasions. We can perform annual inspections to make sure that you are completely termite free.
  • Termite Treatment - Should we find that you have termites, we'll come and treat them as fast as possible, using state of the art techniques and an approach that is guaranteed to work.
  • Termite Prevention - For homes that have struggled with termites before or those that want to avoid any termite infestations, we have termite control and prevention strategies that can protect your home throughout the year.

Because termites can do so much damage, it's important to turn to a company that you can trust for your termite infestations. Bug-Man Pest Service is the go-to choice for those in Fleming Island.

Pest Control and Seasonal Pest Support

In addition to bed bugs and termites, our team of professionals can manage just about any type of insect infestation you’re dealing with, including fire antsbeeswasps, and hornetsfleas and ticks, and more. We do this as part of our seasonal pest control. While many pest control companies require a monthly service, we offer quarterly pest control because we trust that our techniques will last you for at least 3 months and help you avoid all common household pests.

Commercial Pest Control on Fleming Island

Residential pests are our specialty. But we are also the top choice for commercial pest control as well, helping businesses, apartments, and many commercial property owners with their pest management. Contact us at any time, including 24 hours, to inquire about our commercial pest control services.

Rodent Control and Wildlife Removal in Fleming Island

We are also Fleming Island’s go-to team for rodents and wildlife. Our experience with rodents and wildlife of all shapes and sizes makes us the experts in wildlife removal that you can trust for all of your rodent control needs. We offer extermination and removal services for every type of rodent, including ratgopher, or mice extermination. We also believe in humane wildlife removal, which is why we use safe and effective approaches for rabbit control and squirrel removal, we respond quickly and thoroughly to remove the threat to your health and property.

We also deal with larger animals, including birdsbatssnakesskunksraccoons, and possums. If wildlife is becoming a nuisance at your home or office, we’ll work with you to identify the best course of action, either using repellents to scare off the animals, or trapping and relocating wildlife away from your property.

At Bug-Man, we’d love to earn your trust and your business. Give us a call today and learn why we remain the best choice for all of your pest control needs in Fleming Island.