What if Your Spring Allergies Were From Cockroaches?

Spring is allergy season. It's when the blossoming flowers and tree pollen cause substantial allergens for tens of thousands of those in Jacksonville that struggle with seasonal allergies. Allergies in spring can be brutal, and research has shown that allergies have been getting worse every year.

But your allergies may not be from pollen.

Spring is also cockroach season. This is when roaches start to become more active, breed, and enter your property looking for food, water, and shelter. Winter tends to provide some relief from cockroaches, but when spring comes around they come back in full force.

Most people think of cockroaches as "disgusting" pests that spoil food. Their skin also carries a lot of bacteria, increasing your chances of developing infection.

What you may not know about roaches, however, is that they are also known to cause allergies - sometimes severe allergies - and they act as a potential trigger for those with asthma.

How Do Cockroaches Cause Allergies?

When roaches live on your property, they are frequently spreading microscopic particles around your home:

  • Skin Shedding
  • Oil
  • Saliva
  • Feces

Similar to the way that dust mites cause allergies, everything that roaches leave behind gets kicked up into the air and, like dust, gets into your nose and causes allergies. Because cockroaches are so large, a severe invasion can create even worse allergies than dust mites, and exacerbate any existing breathing issues or allergy issues that you already experience.

Next Steps for Avoiding Cockroach Allergies

There is no way to avoid roach allergies if they're allowed into your home. Cleaning your home with some regularity might help mitigate some of the allergens, but it is questionable how meaningful that will be. Instead, you're going to need pest control.

Here at Bug-Man Pest Service in Jacksonville, there are three ways that we would approach a roach infestation:

  • Protective Barrier - The first is by creating a protective barrier around your property using state of the art insecticides. Our pest control was developed by an entomologist and uses only the latest in innovations, including those that last for 3 months or more between treatments.
  • Interior Extermination - If roaches are already inside of your property, our plan will be to exterminate those roaches with an interior treatment that addresses the corners and hidden spaces that roaches prefer to use.
  • Exclusion - Cockroaches do not always live inside of your home. Sometimes they live outdoors, but know of entrance points in your property they can use when they need access to food and water. Exclusion seals those areas to keep them away.

Often we use a mix of approaches based on the invasions. One benefit of getting a treatment for cockroaches is that they also eliminate and protect against other seasonal pests in Jacksonville, increasing the value to you and your property.

If you have allergies, it may be roaches. And if you have roaches, you need pest control. Contact us today to learn more.

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