The Brown Recluse Spider

spider copyBrown recluses are usually found in the southeast region of the United States. They are often feared due to their venomous nature. Recluses come in a variety of colors: light to medium brown, dark brown, blackish grey, and even a cream-like color.

Brown recluses differ from most spiders because they only have six eyes instead of eight. They have earned nicknames such as the fiddleback, the violin spider, and the brown fiddler due to the markings typically found on their back.

The brown recluse spider can often be found living in disorderly environments such as sheds, cellars, woodpiles, closets, and garages. They are attracted to areas that are dry and undisturbed. When seeking shelter inside your home, they like to dwell inside drawers, shower, piles of clothes, or near warm surfaces.

Because brown recluses are rarely aggressive, bites tend to be somewhat uncommon. However, a bite from a brown recluse has the potential to be deadly since their venom is hemotoxic. Necrosis, the dying of cells, occurs in a small percentage of bites and requires immediate medical attention.

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