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Time for Termites

Shh… Can you hear that?  Listen. *munch munch munch*  That’s the sound of millions of tiny mouths making a meal of your home. Wait… listen again. *whoosh* That’s the sound of hundreds or even thousands of dollars being flushed away as a result of not getting your home termite inspected. In and around the Jacksonville,…
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Reasons to Call a Jacksonville Roach Exterminator

There are many reasons why homeowners may be grossed out by cockroaches. Maybe because they seem scary or ugly. Perhaps because they are crawling near the food in the kitchen. Or perhaps you recall that time when one crawled across your foot when you least expected it. And though these are certainly all the reasons…
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Ode to the Bug Man

T’was the weeks after Christmas,
we’ve said goodbye to our guests,
stored the decorations,
caught up on our rest.

Family had stayed
until we were all grouches,
sleeping in spare rooms,
on sofabeds and couches.

They’re finally gone,
back to normal we get.
‘Til the kids woke up
all festered and bit.

Red welts and small spots,
scratching and itching.
Even my husband
Joined in on the COMPLAINING.

What could this be?
What’s eating our skin?
Fleas? Ants? Spiders?
Where do I begin?

I called The Bug Man
and he came to check.
He said, “There are bedbugs”
I said, “What the heck?”

These little hitchhikers
had made their way
to our house inside bags
with our family to stay.

The family packed up
but the critters all stayed.
These gifts keep on giving
but The Bug Man would spray!

And after he treated
with just the right stuff
the bugs disappeared.
They’d had enough.

To The Bug Man we give
a “hip hip hooray!”
And we’re scheduled now
for a quarterly spray.

So don’t be afraid,
give The Bug Man a call.
Termites, bedbugs, roaches,
He’ll get rid of them all!

Stock photo of Christmas gifts

Local Pest Control Solution in Jacksonville

Anyone who's live in Jacksonville, or anywhere in Florida, for any amount of time knows that bugs and other pests can be a constant problem if ignored. Our family owned pest control service has been operating in and around Jacksonville, FL for over 50 years, and there's nobody who knows more about pest control than…
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