Mosquito Control Begins Outdoors

There are a lot of things not to like about mosquitoes. They are vectors of disease, capable of spreading dangerous illnesses to humans. They create very itchy bites, and always seem to bite the worst possible places. They create this irritating humming noise, which can keep you awake and anxious if you hear it floating by your ear at night.

Mosquito control is both a health service and one of comfort/convenience. Eliminating mosquitoes and preventing them from biting you and your family is important for enjoying your time at home.

But unlike seasonal pest control, which creates a barrier around your property to prevent pests from entering your home, mosquito extermination requires something more - it requires work outside of your home, often around your lawn and bushes, and needs to be more comprehensive if it is to permanently eliminate and prevent mosquito invasions.

Mosquitoes on Your Lawn

Mosquitoes are able to sense your heat and breath. They float over any barrier treatments right into your home any time you have a window or door open, hoping to feed on your skin. But before they come attack you, they're living and thriving on your lawn. Female mosquitoes lay eggs in areas of standing water, and the rest of the time they sit and wait on your property until they sense your presence.

It's why if you genuinely want to eliminate mosquitoes, an insecticide barrier around your home is not enough. You have to eliminate them in the ground and on any bushes, as well as decrease areas of standing water so they cannot lay even more eggs on your property. Mosquito control is far more comprehensive, and it is primarily focused on your land, no your home, as the fewer mosquitoes that live on your lawn the less there are to enter your property.

Learn More About Mosquito Control and Extermination

In today's world of lockdowns and social distancing, maintaining a mosquito free home is even more important. If you have questions about our mosquito extermination service, we encourage you to call our team today, or fill out the form on the right for more information.

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