Why Are Drywood Termites Such a Problem?

Most termite species cause problems for Jacksonville homeowners. It's why our termite control services play such an important role in the local community, as we're able to help eliminate termites of all different types and prevent them from coming back.

But there are many species of termites, each with their own distinct challenges. Some, like the Formosen termites, are powerful eaters that have massive size colonies and are capable of doing an immense amount of damage in limited time. Yet for some homeowners and businesses around Jacksonville, Formosen termites are not the greatest challenge. The one that can cause them the most problems is the drywood termite - and it's not for reasons you think.

Drywood Termite Species and Property Damage

Drywood termites are often considered one of the worst types to have. But it is not because of how much damage they do - though it can be. Of all the termite species, drywood termites are one of the least aggressive eaters, which means they do damage at a far slower pace than other termite species.

These termites, which are native to Jacksonville, live inside of the dry wood of your home and feed on the wood slowly. While most other termites live underground and make their way to your home via tunnels, drywood termites live inside of the wood itself.

And that's what makes them so problematic for homeowners:

  • Because they live inside wood, they can be harder to spot, and that means they can feed on your home for longer unless you have regular termite inspections.
  • Because they live inside wood, they also require a more extensive treatment, because you have to treat your entire home and not just the nest.

So while it's true that they eat wood at a slower pace, they are both harder to spot and harder to treat.

It's why it is so important to have both regular termite inspections and a termite control service that you can call the moment you need help. We're ready to provide Jacksonville termite control services as soon as you need us. Give us a call today to get started.

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