Why Doesn’t Traditional Pest Control Work on Mosquitoes?

Every home or business needs a pest control service. Without recurring, consistent pest control, cockroaches, spiders, and many other seasonal pests will find a way onto your property, causing distress and spreading disease.

Mosquitoes also need to be eliminated, both to protect your family from their bites and to avoid some more serious diseases. But mosquito control is also a special service, requiring an expertise that only companies like Bug-Man Pest Service have. Why doesn't traditional pest control work on mosquitoes?

How Mosquitoes Find Their Meals

Pest control solutions act as barriers that keep pests from entering your home, and eliminating any pests that somehow find a secret entrance. Most pests do not fly, and so any non-flying pest is going to pass over the insecticides and die before they've had a chance to cause distress to your family.

Some flying pests, like flies, may still enter your property. But once inside, they gravitate towards windows, which are also usually treated.

Mosquitoes are different. They are flying insects that do not care about windows or edges, and fly around listlessly searching for a blood meal. They are unlikely to touch the ground, and they almost never enter on their own. While most pests will seek shelter or food in your home at all hours of the day, mosquitoes will usually follow humans when doors/windows are open, or when there is a clear entrance.

Mosquito Specific Control and Technology

The tools used to eliminate mosquitoes are then very different from other types of pest control. Prevention becomes even more important, as these pests use standing water to lay their eggs. Treatments, which are usually placed outside all over your lawn, need to be extensive - touching every part of the property (far more than a barrier like most seasonal pests). Finally, because it rains here in Jacksonville, there needs to be solutions that don't wash away at the first sign of moisture or heat.

We offer affordable mosquito control and comprehensive treatments to make sure your home is free of these biting pests. But it is a different type of work. Learn more about mosquito control, or schedule an appointment by calling Bug-Man Pest Service, today.

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