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Rapid Bedbug Treatment in Jacksonville, FL – Get HELP Fast

Bedbugs are always emergencies. The presence of even one bed bug is often enough to cause severe distress, prevent sleep, and lead to significant anxiety. There are many pests that bite. But bed bugs, because of the way they feed on you when you sleep and lead to extremely itchy bumps - tend to lead…
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Want to Kill Mosquitoes? Skip the Bug Zapper

Mosquitoes seem like they try to ruin every summer. We may not always remember all of the bites we've received or the scratching we did, but in the moment, mosquito bites present a frequent distraction that makes our summers worse. You want to barbecue. You want to play outdoors. You want to be able to…
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Mosquito Control Begins Outdoors

There are a lot of things not to like about mosquitoes. They are vectors of disease, capable of spreading dangerous illnesses to humans. They create very itchy bites, and always seem to bite the worst possible places. They create this irritating humming noise, which can keep you awake and anxious if you hear it floating…
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Why Doesn’t Traditional Pest Control Work on Mosquitoes?

Every home or business needs a pest control service. Without recurring, consistent pest control, cockroaches, spiders, and many other seasonal pests will find a way onto your property, causing distress and spreading disease. Mosquitoes also need to be eliminated, both to protect your family from their bites and to avoid some more serious diseases. But…
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What Makes Fire Ants So Dangerous?

Fire ants are a type of ant best known for their painful stings. Because of their reddish-brown color, they are also commonly called red ants. Because of their stings, infestations of fire ants are particularly dangerous to people and pets. Where Are Fire Ants Found? Since red ants like sun and warmth, they can be…
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Can You Get Coronavirus From a Mosquito Bite?

We in pest control are familiar with disease. While our services are based around comfort, many of the pests we prevent, trap, exterminate, or deter - such as cockroaches, bats, and rats - are known carriers of diseases and bacteria. It's why pest control is important for health and safety, not just avoiding bugs. As…
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Drywood Termites in Fleming Island, FL

Termites are a frequent challenge in Florida. But some types of termites are worse than others. Drywood termites are a species that represent a unique challenge. They are less destructive than other termite species, and yet if you haven't had annual inspections, then the last thing you want to hear is "you have drywood termites."…
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Why Are Drywood Termites Such a Problem?

Most termite species cause problems for Jacksonville homeowners. It's why our termite control services play such an important role in the local community, as we're able to help eliminate termites of all different types and prevent them from coming back. But there are many species of termites, each with their own distinct challenges. Some, like…
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My Bug Bites Itch Terribly. Is it Bedbugs?

Some pests sting. Others spread disease. Others are simply gross. But the issue that seems to affect people the most throughout the year is itchy bites, which occur often in Northern Florida and can ruin our ability to enjoy the summers. One of our goals as a Jacksonville pest control company is to reduce your…
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